Coromandel PR is a dedicated and experienced one-stop-shop helping local businesses with their public relations, social media & communication needs. 

What we do

Keeping things simple tends to work. Coromandel PR provides solutions for your PR, social media and communication needs. The best part is that being based on the Coromandel, if you need PR help we can usually be next to you within an hour or so.

Story Makers

Everyone and every business has a story to tell, yet if you don’t tell it, who will? We will develop a communications plan that includes creating and writing compelling stories that resonate with people. This builds brand awareness, loyalty and increases sales.

Creative Ideas

We know businesses occasionally need a fresh approach. Whether it’s the branding or the messaging in your communications, we help companies to research, create and relaunch their brand story. A key part of this is generating ideas that lead to better engagement with consumers.

Crisis Communications

Every business faces risks, from disgruntled employees to product issues and the ever present negative social media commentary. We support business by helping resolve issues that could impact on how they, and their businesses, are viewed by the public.

About Us

With a vast array of experience in all forms of communications, both New Zealand and in overseas markets, Carrick Graham the founder of GMS Management decided to relocate its base of operations to the eastern side of the stunning Coromandel Peninsular. 

A new name was required: The Coromandel PR Co.

The focus remains on delivering communications and public relations support to businesses leading to better engagement with consumers.

With extensive understanding of how to resolve issues that have generated public interest and impacted business reputations, we can quickly take the stress out of having to deal with an issue. And stress is the last thing you want when living on the Coromandel. 

Contact: Coromandel PR

Coromandel PR is based in Tairua on the Coromandel.

Our location gives us ready access to the entire Coromandel and Hauraki district areas and we can be on-site within 1- 2 hours.

The Company is managed by Carrick Graham.

Mobile: +6421462368