Coromandel PR
For Immediate Release: 16 October 2021


A Tairua based PR Company is calling for a campaign to target Aucklanders to visit, explore and buy in the Coromandel.

“It will surprise no-one that Coromandel businesses are suffering with the absence of Aucklanders, so we’re calling for a new campaign to ‘Welcome Aucklanders’ to our region,’ says Carrick Graham, creative director of The Coromandel PR Company.

“Aucklanders really need some positivity and some hope, and that’s why Coromandel PR is leading the charge in calling for the Coromandel welcome mat to be rolled out to them,” said Mr Graham.

“As a fellow Aucklander that now lives on the Coromandel coast, I really feel for Aucklanders trapped in what seems a never-ending lockdown that has no end in sight. But there is hope and opportunity just 1.5 hours’ drive away in the Coromandel.”

“A campaign targeting Aucklanders showing that they’re welcome in and around the Coromandel, showcasing the wonders and delights of the region would provide a positive boost not only to Coromandel businesses and local economy but to Aucklanders desperate to get out of the city,” said Mr Graham.

It is only a matter of time before changes to Alert levels see the removal of the boundary checkpoints and Aucklanders can once again travel beyond the Bombay Hills. We shamelessly want them to come to the Coromandel and spend their money with local businesses in our region.”

“Now is the time to push Coromandel as a key destination for Aucklanders,” Mr Graham said.



Carrick Graham
M: 021 462 368


 Coromandel PR provides solutions for PR, branding and communication needs across the Coromandel/Hauraki region. Based in Tairua on the Coromandel, if businesses or organisations need PR help, we can usually be next to them within an hour or so – providing that personal and local touch that is now missing for businesses using Auckland-based PR companies trapped behind the border.

 With extensive knowledge and experience working with other PR companies throughout New Zealand, Coromandel PR is happy to liaise and work with existing firms to provide local businesses with additional support.